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Digital marketing and SEO continue to evolve – just like the current marketing landscape for dental services. Having a great website is very important and often the first step in a digital marketing strategy. But what’s the point of a website if nobody actually sees it?

DogBarq is a Canadian SEO agency that specializes in growing your orthodontic or dental practice. We develop strong digital marketing and SEO campaigns to help ensure that your practice gets recognized through organic searches and bring more patients to your clinic.



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It’s not easy running a dental practice while keeping up with the current marketing landscape at the same time. We are always up to date with the latest SEO tactics that matter. Drawing from over 10+ years of marketing experience, we generate more traffic for your website and raise your profile online so that you can continue to gain more patients consistently.

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Due to our exclusivity of clients, we only offer our SEO services to one practice in a particular geographic location. We ensure that you are our only client within each city – delivering you the best rankings in your region,  more visitors to your website and new qualified patients to your clinic.

Honesty and Transparency.

Successful partnerships are based on Trust. We’ll keep you regularly updated and informed on your campaign. You will see all of the data and insights we gather using the latest analytics and tracking software – providing regular statements that outline the success of each strategy.

Strong Client Relationship. .

Our “Client-First” mentality ensures that you continue to gain new business each month. We will partner with you and build a service based around your practice’s specific needs and goals before we leap into action. Paired with our exceptional client services; your experience with our dental SEO agency will be like no other.

In it for the long haul.

It’s no secret that SEO can take time. With our promise of a strong SEO strategy for clients – we focus on producing increased search rankings and results in as little as 90 days.

SEO and your Practice.

The digital age has transformed how people aquire dental services. With unrestricted access to information, the customer now conducts their own research before making a decision. The speed of this digital evolution has left many practices hampered by an outdated marketing outlook.

Partnering with our specialized Dental SEO Agency will provide you with the results to reach new qualified patients – leading to  an increase in revenue for you.

What We Do.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Just like SEO – the dental industry is very competitive. If other practices have hired their own SEO experts it becomes difficult to break through that barrier without help. Our SEO strategies ensure that your practice is ranking for the search terms that your customers are using.

We keep up with the latest SEO trends that matter and draw on over 10+ years of marketing experience to generate more traffic for your website to help increase new patients and revenue for your clinic.

Local SEO

Local SEO tactics make sure you don’t miss out on any customers in your area. This allows people to find you online, call you and get directions to your location with just the push of a button.


Website Development

Develop your website that is optimized for search engines and user experience. We’ll ensure that your website is equipped with the best tools and proven strategies to appear on the first page of Google, attract high-quality traffic, and convert your visitors into qualified leads and loyal customers.

The DogBarq Method

Letter b for dogbarq build


We work together with your practice to come up with comprehensive strategies that are tailor-made for your business and dive into your unique set of goals.

letter a for dogbarq analyze


Understanding where you are in your current market, your competition and target audience. We look at how and when people are searching for you and define their motivations for brand interaction.

letter r for dogbarq realize


Putting the plan in action to achieve maximium exposure online – then implementing an exceptional SEO Campaign to grow your practice and generate more revenue.

letter q for dogbarq quantify


Analyze how consumers maneuver your site and their level of engagement. Our customized reporting package will show you which SEO strategies are creating revenue and where there could be more opportunities for growth.


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Read more about our thoughts on SEO and current trends in Digital Marketing.

The Importance of SEO Today

The Importance of SEO Today

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