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Welcome to DogBarq.

Hi. My name is Scott: Founder of DogBarq Digital, SEO consultant and lead generation expert. Being in the marketing industry for over 15 years now; I focus on generating more website traffic and revenue through data-driven Google marketing strategies. I am extremely fortunate to be pursuing my passion of helping dental and healthcare practices get found online and gain new patients consistently.

The digital age has transformed how people aquire dental and healthcare services. With unrestricted access to information, potential patients often conduct their own research before making a decision. The speed of this digital evolution has left many practices hampered by an outdated marketing outlook.

It is important that your practice speaks out to potential clients with a voice that builds trust and credibility. I work with you to provide customizable digital marketing consulting that helps you stand out – like a loud bark in the crowd!



What Clients are Saying

Google Reviews

“Thanks to DogBarq Digital my business phone is still ringing, despite the pandemic closure. My practice stayed visible to all my future clients."

Skyline Dental Associates

"I was bombarded with phone calls and emails of people trying to sell me the same types services for things that I didn’t feel that I needed. It wasn’t until I had a strategy call with Scott that I learned what was actually necessary to have the freedom to be more in control of my practice."

Monica P, DDS

“DogBarq Digital goes above and beyond to do an exceptional job of getting a steady flow of new patients to our clinic. I am no longer stuck doing administration tasks or trying to stay ahead of the game when it comes to marketing."

Justin W, Orthodontist, Clinic owner

are you ready to grow your practice?

We specialize in your niche for a reason. The  dental and healthcare industry is extremely competitive. If other practices have hired their own SEO experts, it becomes difficult to break through that barrier without help. Quite simply, we work to improve your rankings – so that you can be found first online and continue to gain new ideal patients each month.

People have a lot questions when experiencing healthcare matters. In times of need, they tend to flock to Google for answers. We focus on getting your practice to the top of search results for the questions these potential clients are asking.

Then we get them to pick up the phone and call you.

Key Benefits

  • Gain more ideal patients every month
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase the visibility of your practice Online
  • Boost confidence in your practice
  • Help reduce digital marketing costs
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)

Want to see how your practice is doing?

get a FREE website audit!

Turn your traffic into new patients.


of healthcare searches are non-branded (eg: “Calgary dentist”)


of people looking for healthcare advice use a search engine first.

Why choose Dogbarq.

no contracts.

Successful partnerships are based on trust. We work month to month with complete transparency – providing you regular reports that outline how well you’re doing. It’s up to you. Our clients CHOOSE to stay with us.

you get exlusivity.

We do not work with your competition and only offer our services to one type of practice in a particular geographic location. We ensure that you are our only client within each city – delivering you the best rankings in your region, more visitors to your website and new qualified leads for you.


1 point of contact.

With DogBarq, you will work directly with the Scott (you’ll even get his phone number) – if you need to understand something or even want technical information on how your website is currently doing.

No hidden fees.

We don’t charge any setup fees or cancellation fees. We run on monthly agreements and set up a customized package that outline all the details of your campaign.


My Proven 4-Step Process

Search Engine Marketing is a continual investment. Not a one-shot deal.  Through years of experience, I have come up with a data-driven process that eliminates the guesswork and has delivered positive results for all my clients.

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Develop your website that is optimized for search engines and user experience. We’ll ensure that your website is equipped with the best tools and proven strategies to appear on the first page of Google, attract high-quality traffic, and convert your visitors into loyal patients.

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Understanding where you are in your current market, your competition and target strategies. We look at how and when potential patients are searching for you and define their motivations for brand interaction.

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Putting the plan in action to achieve maximium exposure online – then implementing an exceptional digital marketing campaign to grow your practice and generate more revenue.

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Analyze how people maneuver your site and their level of engagement. My customized monthly reporting package will show you which strategies are creating revenue and where there could be more opportunities for growth.

expertly crafted SEO.

Google considers over 200 factors when defining a page’s quality, from complex algorithms,  link considerations,  content strategy and even UX factors. My complete SEO service includes a FULL website and SEO audit at the beginning to better understand where you are in your market and how your website is performing. Based on data-driven insights, I will provide you with a digital strategy that parallels no other – giving you a better return on your investment.


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Keyword Strategy

This is one of the most important and high return activities in Search engine optimization. It involves doing the research and targeting the keywords that will benefit the most in your practice’s specific industry and location.

Website Optimization

Analyze and make changes to your website so that it will appear higher in search results and make it more user-friendly for the people viewing it. Website optimization is extremely valuable and important in the SEO process.

Full Site Audit

Perform a full analysis of everything related to your website’s level of search visibility. This will give us a better understanding of where your company currently is in relation to search rankings.

On-Page Optimization

Search engines don’t read your website like we do. This in depth process optimizes your website so that each one can properly read your site. This could include healthy navigation within your site, images and optimizing the user experience.


Content Strategy

Your website content is extremely important when it comes to ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS). An excellent content strategy is crucial for the success of higher rankings.  Combine our keyword research with created or edited content to let the search engines know exactly what your website is about.


Responsive Website

Having a responsive website means that your website can be used effortlessly across multiple platforms. Whether someone is viewing your site on a smartphone, tablet or desktop – I will make sure that it is fully functional and scales automatically.


Off-Page Optimization

I will provide various digital marketing methods to improve the visibility and ranking of your website. This includes building a strong, high quality  backlink profile. Something that a great SEO strategy can’t be without.

Local SEO

I will put your business on the map, literally. Search engine optimization that focuses on using techniques to improve the visibility of your local businesses in search results. 


Analytics and reporting is important to ensure that your website is operating efficiently, track visitors and see if your goals are being met. We will provide you with packages regularly to outline exactly what is happening between your website and clients.

Website Development / Branding

Develop your website that is optimized for search engines and user experience. We’ll ensure that your website is equipped with the best tools and proven strategies to appear on the first page of Google, attract high-quality traffic, and convert your visitors into qualified leads and loyal patients.

Reputation Management

88% of people read reviews before they make a decision. Without positive online reputation, potential patients don’t often trust local practices when comparing one to another.  We offer powerful solutions that help you monitor and manage your online reputation – setting you above your competition.

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